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Like any decent demon Cid spends his nights performing all kind of evil deeds to the peaceful people of Darkestville. Little does he know that his old arch enemy is about to change his life forever.

Live the adventure of Cid, the demon of Darkestville, a laid-back being of pure darkness that will see his evil routine life disrupted by The Romero brothers, a group of demon hunters hired by Dan Teapot, Cid’s arch enemy. Follow CId through an epic quest full of danger, intrigue, and ridiculous premises.

The game pays tribute to late 90’s point-and-click adventure games, featuring fascinating fairy-tale story and trendy visuals in Tim Burton’s style. It delivers more than 7 hours of truly enjoyable gameplay to both old and new generations. Dive into the unforgettable good old-fashioned atmosphere of classic adventure games and meet dozens of funny characters living in this amazing hand-painted world of Darkestville Castle.

  • Point-and-click adventure classics in the same vein as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle
  • Lots of Tim Burton-esque gallows humor
  • Funny characters and charismatic protagonist
  • Dozens of carefully designed levels
  • Quirky and trendy visuals
  • Numerous puzzles
  • Captivating story
  • More than 7 hours of exciting gameplay
  • Violence, horror and death-free adventure for all ages

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PublisherBuka Entertainment
Release date Sep 20, 2017
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Comedy, Dark Humor, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish; Latin America, French, Italian, Russian
LinksSteam, Steam


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Love to see more~


I love this. I'm definitely going to be buying the full game!


This game reminds me of Discworld when I played that way back when on the PS1.

It's cheeky and, dark humor make you want to keep going and, going. I literally did was going to break this up into a couple parts of gameplay but, got lost in Cid's antics that I just played through the whole demo!


The demo was great! The writing was amazing and the art really did make me think of a Tim Burton movie! I will definitely be buying the full game!


huhu its only DEMO. its short but feel great but i want more


I'd pay 10 bucks for a game with 6 or more episodes of this size.

(1 edit) (+1)

Why intro reminded me that from a Grinch movie? :D


This Is My Walkthrough...This Game Was Absolutely amazing with the humor and the thought you put in this game great job
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Thank you so much! Really glad that you enjoyed the demo :)