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Dear Potential servant of chaos,

Being evil isn’t always easy… But boy it is so much more fun than being a good guy!

Having someone witty like you on my team could be useful during these not so dark times.

Everything in Darkestville was fine and dandy: I was tormenting the town people, the town people were being tormented… It was a fair deal! Who could complain? Not me, that’s for sure!

…until that moron, Dan Teapot, hired a group of professional demon hunters to banish me! I don’t even know why he has a grudge against me. Maybe I burnt his house a couple of times, but I only did it because it was hilarious!


Help me in this adventure to best my foes and let’s make evil reign Darkestville once more!

Also by purchasing this game you are helping a noble cause, part of your money will be used to enslave mankind… I mean… to clean the seas from pollution, create a sanctuary for the only Endangered Invisible Flamingo on this planet and other kind of noble sounding lies.

Sincerely Evil,

P.S. So you’re trembling with fear already, aren’t you? That’s the spirit! Because this game is not only TERRIBLY interesting but also TERRIBLY funny! If you ever enjoyed Tim Schafer’s classic adventure games and are fond of the Time Burton’s black humor, we’re about to go along with you as these two Tims are my bros.

Sure I wouldn’t be Cid if I didn’t add a couple of dozens of the cunning puzzles so don’t you wait a cakewalk. They say it takes seven hours to complete this game… Well let’s see if you can do it! I trust you can though – my incredible charm and fascinating sense of style are more than enough to overcome any challenge!

P.P.S. While you were reading this, someone just rang the doorbell of my castle and left a box with an “INDIE PRIZE - Best Game Narrative” tag on it. Well… just another acknowledgment of my incomparable awesomeness!

If you liked our demo, please add us to your wishlist on Steam! =)

PublisherBuka Entertainment
Release date Sep 20, 2017
AuthorBuka Entertainment
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Comedy, Hand-drawn, humor, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish; Latin America, French, Italian, Russian
LinksSteam, Steam, Twitter, Homepage


Download Demo 357 MB

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Will be buying this, is a physical PS4 version happening?

Love to see more~


I love this. I'm definitely going to be buying the full game!


This game reminds me of Discworld when I played that way back when on the PS1.

It's cheeky and, dark humor make you want to keep going and, going. I literally did was going to break this up into a couple parts of gameplay but, got lost in Cid's antics that I just played through the whole demo!


The demo was great! The writing was amazing and the art really did make me think of a Tim Burton movie! I will definitely be buying the full game!


huhu its only DEMO. its short but feel great but i want more


I'd pay 10 bucks for a game with 6 or more episodes of this size.

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Why intro reminded me that from a Grinch movie? :D


This Is My Walkthrough...This Game Was Absolutely amazing with the humor and the thought you put in this game great job
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Thank you so much! Really glad that you enjoyed the demo :)